NBA Jam Tournament Edition (SNES)

Player Portrait Replacement Tutorial

By Mattrizzle

This tutorial uses the following programs:

After downloading and extracting Tile Molester, open its folder, then open the tmspec.xml file in a text editor. Go to the section where it says "planar composite tile formats." In the next line below the last end tag, copy and paste the following:

<compositetile id="CP04" formats="PL01,PL01,PL00">
<description>5bpp planar, composite (2x2bpp+1bpp)</description>

Also, download these two palette files...
...and this YY-CHR pattern file:
You'll need all three of these for the last part.

On to the tutorial!!

3. Converting the Palette to 15 bit Super NES Format (ImPalEd)

4. Inserting the Palette into the ROM (XVI32)

5. Inserting the Graphics into the ROM (1 of 2) (Tile Molester)

6. Inserting the Graphics into the ROM (2 of 2) (Paint Shop Pro and YY-CHR)

List of Players with Portrait Addresses

2011, 2012 Mattrizzle